• „ODAR“
    Obstacle Detection & Autonomous Reaction



  • „PCO“
    Autonomous Plant Count


  • „PR“
    Plant Row Detection - vehicle guidance along plant rows


  • „ACM“
    Autonomous Control of Machinery


  • LG“
    Autonomous Line Guidance


  • FM“
    Follow Me - Autonomous object tracking, eg. persons or leading vehicles


  • „JÄTI“
    Autonomous robot for laser based weed removal


  • „PC“
    Plant Classification



Autonomous Kit (ASK) for autonomous use of tractors for “Precision Farming”



  • Driverless usage
  • Precise and optimized handling right to the millimeter
  • Independent reaction on external impulses such as barriers
  • Autonomous assessment of the plant conditions using the data delivered by the sensors
  • Precise, autonomous and quantitative regulation of the required dosage of herbizdes and pesticides and the usage of fertilizer
  • Autonomous Application
  • Operational capacity at all weather conditions (rain, dust generation, darkness)



  • Reduction of resources and costs
  • Profit increase
  • Environmental protection
  • Reduced pollution of food
  • Work reduction



On the basis of our technology we develop and supply you with a complete package, including hard- and software components ready for installation for your standard usage.

Out technology is applicable for the following:

  • Cars
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Building Machinery
  • Machinery
  • Household appliances (lawn mower, vacuum cleaner etc)
  • Automated plants
  • Operations in dangerous surroundings (catastrophe missions, mines and Unexploded Ordonances (UXOs), Explosive Ordonance Disposal (EOD), ionized radiation, chemicals)