Sensor fusion for agricultural applications - Proceedings of 37th annual GIL conference

In the course of the 37th annual GIL conference in Dresden (germany) PAS gave lectures about its technology.  Main subject of the conference was "Digitale Transformation - Wege in eine zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft", whereby PAS gave a talk about "Sensor fusion for agricultural applications" referierte.


Farming 4.0

PAS Peschak Autonome Systeme has developed a solution for autonomous farming.


PAS goes Silicon Valley!

Since 2010, the Austrian Economic Chamber, togehter with the campaign "go-international" of the ministry of economics, provides the opportunity for 15 selected startups and spinoffs for a three-month trip to silicon valley to establish investor relations. The winning companies, including the PAS company, of this selection process are supported with broad programs for investor search and networking. These include introduction to silicon valley business practices and pitch trainings.


Große Nachfrage nach „GoSiliconValley“ Initiative - WKO Presseaussendung

14 Startups fliegen mit der Außenwirtschaft ins Silicon Valley - derBrutkasten

The autonomous tractor - Trend 8/2017

Driverless tractors, autonomous road rollers, self driving fire-fighting vehicles: because of the fact, that offroad vehicles are moving inside delimited areas, the chance of soon implementation for autonomous offroad robotic vehicles is much higher than for Google Car & Co. On behalf of an organic farmer we are currently developing a system for fully autonomous weed control. Thereby a image processing based crop plant classification is done. Afterwards, detected weeds are killed using a high performance laser system.


The camera vision based solutions of PAS can be used with already working systems and can be retrofitted to all kind of vehicles. On this basis equipped vehicles are able to locate themselfe and navigate without external signals like GPS. Furthermore our obstacle detection avoids collisions with static or dynamic obstacles and finds alternative routes in case of detection.


PAS was founded in 2014 and the crowdinvesting plattform CONDA was joined, whereby more than 80.000€ were gained from investors.



So your tractor is mowing by itself - Bezirksblätter 06/2017

"The idea is to disburden people from hard and dangerous work", Bernhard Peschak says in an interview with Bezirksblätter (local newspaper). So the idea of the self-driving and self-thinking tractor was born.


Development of a modular system for automation of agricultural machines - Proceedings of 36th annual GIL conference

In the course of the 36th annual GIL conference in Osnabrück (germany) PAS gave lectures about its modular automation kit for all kinds of autonomous vehicles. Thereby the used technologies and camera systems are explained.



Self-driving tractors - Creative idea landed on second place (Bezirksblätter 49/2015)

Bernhard Peschak convinced jury of 120-seconds-casting with his development.


Series maturity of autonomous tractor arrives soon - Agrar Anzeiger 22/2015

Trendsetting - Many tractor producing companies bet on sattelite-based systems. A domestic company embarkes new paths using stereo vision including obstacle detection and collision avoidance.



Sucess with crowdinvestment plattform Conda - Die Zeit 01.04.2015

All for one - crowdfunding arrives Austria after years of lethargy. For creative companies and startups alternative financing forms are getting more and more important. PAS succesfully participated in Conda crowdinvesting and got more than 80.000€ from investors.



RIZ-founder of the month - NÖN 5/2015

The founding agency RIZ (Regionales Innovationszentrum) supported the foundation of PAS company (september 2014). CEO Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Peschak studied mechanical engineering at technical university in vienna and started working as a development engineer. He founded his company "Peschak autonome Systeme" and commited himself to development of autonomous systems for agricultural purposes. "Our main target groups are tractor manufacturers and of course user of their systems. Our autonomous kit can be used with every kind of vehicles or machines. Because of its independency of external signals like GPS, it is working safe and secure", CEO Bernhard Peschak says.



Successful day on acre including experiments - Hollabrunner Absolventenverbandsnachrichten 3/2013

CEO Bernhard Peschak gave in course of a project day of the agricultural school Hollabrunn a lecture about automated steering systems as alternative to GPS-based solutions.