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    We open a New Age

Research & Development

With the support of the best Austrian scientists and engineers we develop for you the technology of tomorrow. We support you as a reliable partner for the implementation of your requirements.


"ODAR": Obstacle Detection & Autonomous Reaction
"VINO TRACK": Autonomous driving along vines
„PCO“: Autonomous Plant Count
„PR“: Autonomous Plant Row detection and guidance


Are you in search for the best and modern technologies and systems which are globally unique in order to be ready for the future? PAS develops for you mature systems with utmost quality that can be used for a variety of purposes

We are right away in front of the next industrial revolution. It is the same challenge like other big changes in history created by great technology leaps. Our vision is to utilize our newly developed autonomous technology for the well-being of all humans, such as the relief of difficult and dangerous work, optimization of working processes, protection of human life and environmental protection.
Vision: Optimization of Resources
This means that less work and effort can also lead to a bigger success. To reach this target we have developed an autonomous system (ASK- Autonomous System for Vehicles and Machines) which can universally be used for any vehicle and machine.